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What We Offer?

It is the goal of every business to increase brand recognition and to generally become better known. At Glow Visual, we allow you to get in front of up to 180,000 eyeballs each week via our billboards in Townsville – indeed, billboard advertising in Townsville is what we specialise in! Of course, in the modern digital era, we can spread the word through billboard advertising across Eastern Queensland and billboard advertising in Townsville.

When we began our journey back in 2017, we recognised the need for digital advertising in Townsville and the need to enhance outdoor advertising in Townsville. Naturally, we are frequently asked about billboard advertising costs in Townsville, and we think that you will be pleasantly surprised about how price competitive they are. All of our billboards in Eastern Queensland are strategically placed in areas of high footfall, meaning that they will be noticed by more people. We are firm believers that we have taken billboard advertising in QLD to the next level!

Most people appreciate that digital advertising is the future and our billboards in Townsville open up the opportunity to create timeless branding. The high-resolution LED displays can be seen for up to 15 hours a day, giving you maximum impact. In Queensland, a state where residents spend a lot of time outside, outdoor advertising in Townsville would appear the perfect solution and will undoubtedly help you to generate more leads.

When it comes to billboards in Eastern Queensland and billboard advertising in Townsville, we believe that we have every angle covered. Over the years, we have become vastly experienced in the industry and would now regard ourselves as experts! We can help you with selecting the right ad for you and your business. We offer comprehensive campaign monitoring and provide all our clients with a complete package and all the information they need to manage their campaigns.

Our innovative billboard advertising in QLD allows you the maximum flexibility when it comes to managing your adverts. You can control the frequency which your ads are displayed as well as the times, thus increasing customer engagement. We have two main boards available, Sturt Street and Flinders Street and more details about their location and sizes can be found on our site. Naturally, our teams will be happy to discuss these options with you.

We want your campaign to be just as successful as you do! The best way for us to promote our business is through word of mouth, and as you can see from the testimonials our site, we have numerous satisfied clients!

If you would like more information about billboard advertising in Townsville, billboard advertising costs in Townsville or have more general questions about billboard advertising in Eastern Queensland, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 0450 921 197, email on, visit us at 1/2 Whitehouse Street, 4810 Townsville, Queensland. Alternatively, you can contact us directly via our website.

We look forward to hearing from you and being of further assistance.

Our Digital Billboards Locations

Stuart Street

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Flinders Street

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Our Digital Billboards Locations

Sturt Street

This double-sided digital billboard is 6.4 m x 3.6 m and is placed on Sturt Street in the heart of the Townsville CBD. Located at the North Queensland Cowboys Leagues Club, it has high exposure to not only the corporate side of town but all the visitors that come to the CBD to see the Cowboys play in their stadium.

Sturt Street is the main shopping strip in Townsville, with everything from supermarkets to car washes. If you’re looking for a digital billboard location with maximum exposure to the people of Townsville, this location is the premier choice.

The location of this billboard is along the car park of the Cowboys League Club. It’s an excellent location that will see dedicated traffic from the people entering and exiting the car park as well as those passing by on Sturt Street.

Flinders Street

The single-sided 3.6 m x 2.24 m digital billboard located at the entrance of the Cowboys League Club draws the attention of nearly 5,000 people per day. On Sundays, it gets additional traffic of 3,000 due to Cotters Market – a weekly food market on Flinders Street.

This billboard is located parallel to Sturt Street and is an excellent location for those looking to take advantage of the high volume area. There are plenty of bars, cafes and clubs along Flinders Street, capturing the attention of viewers at all hours of the day.

This location sees high volume traffic and will only grow with the stadium nearby. Hundreds of spectators will see this billboard on a weekly basis when games are held. It’s an excellent option to capitalise on the Cowboys League Club.

Who Are We?

Glow Visual is a next-generation outdoor advertising service provider with quantifiable ad solutions for businesses. We began our journey in 2017 by offering digital advertising to the communities of Townsville.

Our focus on giving high-quality, affordable solutions helped us to become one of the most sought-after names for advertising in Townsville. Today, we have offices in Townsville and Brisbane.

At Glow Visual, we add value to our services with creative support and advice, proof of play, competitive advertising rates, and real-time monitoring. We also offer unprecedented local support and have a close affiliation with the Cowboys. This partnership helped us to earn the trust of the local community and footy fans alike.

We can help you message a targeted audience with highly engaging and captivating outdoor advertisement options. Placed at strategic locations, our billboards give you the advantages of space, guaranteed audience, and branding.

Team Of Art Directors And Ad Professionals

We have a team of experienced art directors and ad professionals who are ready to help you create ads that can instantly connect with your audience. You can also use our easy-to-use templates if you find one that does the job.

Competitive Pricing, Upfront Quotes

At Glow Visual, we have a competitive pricing strategy for our advertising services. The prices are determined based on the location, traffic, demographics of the audience, and impressions, making the service more customised and profitable for you. You will also get a detailed upfront quote for transparent service experience.

Instant Advertising

We can launch your campaign almost instantly when you join our service. In most cases, you will see your billboard running your campaign in just a few hours. 

Therefore, you can reach out to us for your last-minute campaign needs as well.

Total Control Of The Campaigns

At Glow Visual, you will get tools and systems to monitor your campaign. You can analyse the conversion rate, ROI, and other parameters to tweak the effectiveness of your campaign. Our tools and systems also give you actionable insights to help you to manage the campaign better.

Some Of Our Clients

Glow Visual has an extensive client list — from leading global firms to local businesses. Our clients’ focus and commitment to making long-term partnerships have delivered greater returns for them.


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Contact us today to get assistance and begin your campaign. Our friendly consultants are happy to work with you and help you to appeal your audience with tailored messages.