Glow’s VISUAL Beginning

Glow’s Beginning

Welcome to Glow Visual.

We are innovators of display adverting in Australia with next-generation digital billboard solutions. We combine creativity and technological advancement to deliver outdoor advertising with excellent customer engagement.

Our outdoor digital displays help businesses not just to advertise their products and services but to contribute to their branding efforts as well. From high-resolution images and videos to graphics, our digital billboards give businesses flexibility on media, format and creativity.

Our Story

Glow Visual began its journey in 2017 by offering digital display solutions to the businesses and communities of Townsville. Our focus on providing high-quality, affordable digital solutions helped us to become the trusted name for outdoor advertising in Townsville.

We expanded our services to Brisbane by providing engaging advertising through effective strategy, improved accountability, superior support, and clear campaign performance monitoring. Today, we have offices in Townsville and Brisbane, and we are working on expanding our services by offering tailored advertising solutions.

We embrace the values of inclusiveness, sustainability, accountability, and innovation, while working to create prospering, positive communities wherever we do business. We offer unprecedented local support and collaborate with various like-minded organisations, initiatives, and institutions.

We have a close affiliation with the Cowboys, and that helped us earn the trust of the local community as well as the footy fans alike.

What Makes Glow Visual Different?

At Glow Visual, we focus on facilitating high-impact, digital advertising at crowd-gathering spots of Townsville and Brisbane. We have billboards along high-traffic roads, important landmarks, and other public places.

The highlights of our billboard service include the following:

  • Visibility of the billboard
  • Traffic count of the location
  • Audience demographics
  • Proximity to the client’s business
  • Rush hour traffic
At Glow Visual, we have the expertise and experience in collaborating with various industries from retail spaces to events and programs to create highly successful billboard campaigns.

Our Process

Partnering with us is easy. You can tell us when and where you want to see your message.

We Identify Your Ad Location

As a high-value advertising solution provider, we will help you to choose the ideal billboard location after considering all the aspects that can give the most optimised results. We consider:
  • Visibility of the billboard
  • Traffic count of the location
  • Audience demographics
  • Proximity to the client’s business
  • Rush hour traffic
At Glow Visual, we focus on delivering the message of our clients to the right audience at the right time to get the best results.

The Launch Of Your Campaign

Once you have decided and are ready to launch your campaign, we will contact you again to finalise the ad. If you don’t have any artwork, you can choose the expertise of our art directors or pick one of our easy-to-use templates.

 As soon as your digital campaign is up, we will update you and give you the tools to monitor your campaign.

Get A Quote

We will provide a detailed quote on the ideal location as well as the nearby locations that can be alternative options for you. The quote will have the traffic of the location, impressions, audience demographics, rush hour traffic, and other important information that can help you to make an informed decision.

You will also get images of the ad spaces and an interactive map that lists the nearby businesses, roads, pathways, and other landmarks that can contribute to the success of your campaign.