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Our Billboard Locations

Welcome to Glow Visual – the destination for high-impact Out Of Home Media digital billboard advertisements in Townsville and Brisbane.

At Glow Visual, we help businesses and brands to promote their business to a wide audience by offering affordable and targeted outdoor advertising options.

All of our digital billboards are placed in strategic locations that help businesses convey their message to potential customers and direct them back to the business.

Here are our two billboard placements in Townsville. Take a look at their specifications to help you understand which billboard may suit your business.

Our Digital Billboards Locations

Sturt Street

Our double-sided digital billboard, 6.4 m x 3.6 m, is located on Sturt Street, Townsville. This position offers unprecedented exposure to the wide supporter base of the Cowboys With offices, hotels, and several other commercial establishments on the street, the billboard attracts high traffic from both locals and tourists.

It is also conveniently located alongside the parking space of the Cowboys Leagues Club. The billboard draws the attention of local and interstate visitors – mainly because of the club’s large fanbase and membership. Especially during the NRL season – March to September – the street becomes one of the most happening places in the city.

Sturt Street offers a diverse range of people visiting the shopping strip, from chemists to the cinema. This billboard is an excellent option for those looking to have their brand appear in front of a diverse range of viewers.

Flinders Street

Our single-sided 3.6 m x 2.24 m screen decorates the entrance of the Cowboys Leagues Club at Flinders Street. It is placed at a convenient height that ensures maximum visibility from onlookers even from long distances.

The indoor display captures the attention of visitors and members of the club while they enter and leave the club. Add in the general foot traffic of the street, the digital screen attracts the eyes of 5,000 people per day. Additionally, the Cotters Market, a weekly food market on Flinders Street, gives a spike in the traffic by 3,000 people on Sundays.

Running parallel to Sturt Street, Flinders Street offers an excellent location that captures a lot of the foot and car traffic from the main road through Townsville. There is plenty of businesses open day and night to attract people at all times of the day.

The digital screen can display mixed media and is an ideal choice for those looking to broadcast either video, static images, or both.

With the Townsville stadium, this position is strategically placed to make sure you’re being seen in front of all the fans and officials before and after each home game for the Cowboys.

Reach Out To Your Customers With Billboard Advertising

The strategical placement of our digital billboards and the quality standards of our display advertising can give you a great sense of prestige that can contribute to your brand-building efforts. With us, you can also choose dynamic advertising in which the artwork changes according to the time of the day and the weather to ensure maximum engagement.

Reach out to your potential customers with eye-catching digital advertising and make your brand and business grow. Leave us a message using our contact form.