The Facts – Importance Of Digital Outdoor Ads

The Facts

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Outdoor advertising is one of the quickest and easiest ways to grab attention and create interest with people who visit a business district, shopping street, or any other popular destination. Digital billboards are a popular choice around the world to engage people on the go and evoke interest.

From small businesses to multi-national corporations, digital billboards are their option to create immediate brand affinity and reaction in the market place.

If you think that the role of outdoor advertising has diminished, considering the growth of mobile and TV marketing, you are mistaken.

The following facts and benefits will convince you why digital outdoor advertisements are crucial in your business’s growth.

Greater Attention

Outdoor billboards are typically a standalone advertisement; which means they attract the attention of onlookers without anything else distracting them — something very few digital platforms can offer. The digital displays can often broadcast messages without any interruption of competition in a highly engaging way.

Billboards with Glow Visual will always be at strategic locations that are attention grabbing and easy to see from short to long distances. If the billboard is digital — like ours — our team of artists can use creative techniques to enhance engagement.

A study by the Australian Automobile Association in 2018 identified that the traffic congestion in our cities is getting worse. This forces people to spend more time on the roads looking at billboards.

With the digital disruption taking a massive toll on all other traditional mediums, Outdoor/billboards have proven to stay strong.

With popular subscription services hitting the market like Netflix, Disney Plus & even YouTube for your smart TV, it is becoming increasingly difficult for TV ads to break through all the clutter.

This also has had the same effect on listening. With the increased number of cars coming onto the roads today that have Bluetooth, drivers are opting to use such services like Spotify, iTunes and Podcasts.

Connects With A Mass Audience

Outdoor advertising was always meant to appeal to a wide range of people. Traditional mediums like TV ads may not reach busy business people or young customers. Online advertising will miss people who stay away from the internet.

On the other hand, digital billboard target everyone who visits the location where it is placed. Most importantly, businesses can determine the location of the billboard advertising based on where their targeted customers visit.

Do you know that even tech giants spend a share of their advertising budget on billboards? In 2018, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Netflix were listed in the top ten spenders on billboard advertising in the United States. And the reason for this transition was simple: the audience can’t “ad-block” or “skip” the real-life ads.

The Engagement Statistics Matter

Compared to other campaign platforms, billboard advertising provides better customer engagement. Studies show:
1 %

of people

As many as 71% of people remember the billboard ads they see
1 %

of people

Nearly 31% of people visit the business in the same week they saw the billboard ad
1 %

of people

24% visit the business on the same day they saw the billboard ad for the first time
By utilising location demographics and targeting specific places, you can draw people to your business and make them your customers.

The Digital Upgrade Advantage

When billboards get a digital upgrade, marketers get the options to impress their audience with tailored messages. High-resolution screens with better contextualisation can engage people better. The technology developments have made digital billboards dynamic, interactive, and relevant to the audience.

Digital billboards also give you the option to target the immediate requirements of an audience better. The story of Project X, a digital ad platform, is worthwhile to share here. When a snowstorm hit Chicago, Project X displayed digital ads of snow shovels and direct people to the local Kmart store.